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Carn Davidson 9

Carn Davidson 9


The Carn Davidson 9 (CD9) was formed in 2010 as a collaborative project between JUNO Award winning artists, trombonist William Carn and saxophonist Tara Davidson. CD9 is a 9-piece chordless ensemble that utilizes its seven horns as melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic devices, anchored by bass and drums. This co-led ensemble is an opportunity for both artists to craft their original compositions for this unique chamber jazz instrumentation. The ensemble’s first two recordings also showcased a formidable collection of guest arrangers such as Andrew Downing, Reg Schwager and Terry Promane. The Carn Davidson 9’s unique sound is made stronger by an all-star lineup of prominent Canadian artists who are all exceptional ensemble players as well as outstanding soloists. CD9 has produced three recordings. CD9’s debut recording, “Nine”, was released in 2012; “Murphy” was released in 2017; “The History of Us” was released in 2021. Comprising of two three-movement suites, "The History of Us" is a meditation on the universal themes of family, migration, and loss. “The History of Us” received much critical acclaim, including a 4-Star review in DownBeat magazine. All three recordings garnered JUNO nominations for Jazz Album of the Year.


CD9 is…

Tara Davidson – co-leader, woodwind 1, composer & arranger

William Carn - co-leader, trombone, composer & arranger

Kelly Jefferson - woodwind 2

Shirantha Beddage – woodwinds 3

Jason Logue - trumpet

Kevin Turcotte - trumpet

Christian Overton - bass trombone

Andrew Downing - bass

Ernesto Cervini - drums

To Purchase CD9 recordings: Bandcamp 

For more CD9 videos: CD9 YouTube channel

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